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The Story Behind the Picture: Keane 2004

Posted On Sunday, 3 May 2020

When I began the journey of putting together a broad-ranging selection of pictures for the gallery pages, I had no idea how extensive and absorbing the task would be. I sifted through hundreds of folders on external hard drives, USB sticks, old computers and even a couple of CD ROMs. After several days of browsing, I finally found most of the pictures I was looking for. Admittedly, I’m a little agitated not to be able to find some, but I guess that’s a consequence of having such a haphazard filing system. Hopefully I’m not the only one?

Sifting through almost twenty years of work is an emotional experience. I unearthed pictures from unforgettable moments in my life, as well as discovering photos from events I’d long-since hidden away in the far corners of my memory.
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