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Copy is an essential element of your business. It’s what connects you with your customers across all forms of media. It’s the sales-orientated marketing spiel which convinces potential clients that you have what it takes to satisfy their needs.

Get it right and prospective customers who’ve never heard of your brand will instantly understand who you are and what you do. Ineffective copy won’t result in lost business, but it will prevent your enterprise from reaching its true potential.

Copy differs from content is so much as content exists to enhance a brand’s authority—whereas copy is the bold, carefully crafted narrative your business needs to ascertain its place as a leading-edge brand within the industry.

Copy is advertising text, the words on your website and the script to your corporate videos. When you only have limited time, or just a handful of words when making your pitch—you’re using copy.

Content is softer and less specific like news stories, blog articles and staff interviews—all of which perform a vital function but are slightly removed from the frontline of sales.

As an established Copywriter and content writer, I have experience of creating copy and content of all forms: from short copy for tag lines, advertising headlines and SEO meta titles, to long copy and content for website pages, technical manuals and pitch documents.

I was a writer long before I became a Marketing Manager. But, being in this role has underscored the value of good copy and written content, when emphasising a brand’s authority in the marketplace.

I have experience in a range of copywriting and content writing services, including:

·      Website copy
·      Sales pitch copywriting
·      Advertising copy
·      Press releases
·      Social media written content
·      Blog writing
·      Company profile/staff biography writing
·      Case studies
·      Corporate video scripts

I write for pleasure as well as work. I think I was around 13 or 14 when I started writing short stories and screenplays (I was obsessed with cinema and even made a few short films)—and I’ve written pretty much every day since. Whether it’s for work, my blogs or other writing projects.

Writing is in my blood, and I know I can help your brand enhance customer engagement with high-quality copywriting and content writing.
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