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Let me start by saying something controversial: I don’t like the term 'digital marketing'.

Cue the onslaught of people asking if I’m out of my mind and pointing out that digital marketing is the buzzword of the modern marketing age. How could I say such a thing in the era of Google, Facebook and a host of other digital platforms?

Let me explain. The phrase 'digital marketing' irritates me because I believe the digital aspect of marketing should be so integrated into the overall strategy that it cannot be isolated from other marketing activities.

Put simply—nowadays, you cannot do marketing without digital. And if you’re one of the crazy kids who introduces yourself as working in digital marketing—you work in marketing too.

Every brand needs to embrace the digital landscape. Whether that’s advertising, social media content or email campaigns. From event suppliers to the local sandwich shop, every business could benefit from an enhanced digital presence.

What’s the best thing about the digital side of marketing? You get data on everything, and data helps us make better choices and plan for the future.

You might spend £3000 for an advert in a trade magazine. You open the page your advert is on and look at it admirably. There it is, your company—a full page advert in the most read industry magazine. But it’s impossible to quantify how many people will have seen the advert and contacted you as a result.

However, spend the same £3000 on a digital campaign (maybe even with the same magazine), and you get a range of insights including how many times the advert was viewed and the number of clicks through to your website. Pick up the trail on your web analytics platform and you can see the journey of each person around your website.

If you have a CRM which tracks inbound enquires, we can feed it the data from each campaign and really quantify how efficient our marketing is. It’s a realistic prospect that we can say that for every £1000 spent on LinkedIn/Facebook/Google advertising, we made £X revenue.

So, which digital skills do I have? I know how the system works and how to get the most out of it. I know how to design campaigns for maximum engagement (as with all marketing, you really need to define your target audience and the message before creating anything), and I know how to interpret the data and insights.

I wouldn’t class myself as a digital marketing specialist, because I don’t work solely in that area all day, every day. But, I do have at least five years’ experience of managing multiple campaigns which run simultaneously and continuously.

Digital marketing is engrained in every creative and marketing activity I do.
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