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Event management

Event marketing has the potential to be the most efficient use of your marketing budget.

Nothing beats face to face communication. You get to read their body language, see what they’re focussing on (are they looking off into the distance, or can’t they keep their eyes off your exhibition space?) and get a far greater insight into their unspoken communication than you would over a phone call or email conversation.

The average email open rate is 21%* and social media click through rate is just 0.9%*. But if you’re at an event and doing something truly innovative, people will stop and talk in far greater numbers.

However, event marketing can be costly and to make the most of the opportunities you need a well-defined strategy and event management process.

With a comprehensive background in events and experiential marketing, I have the knowledge and experience to add value to your event marketing.

Examples of events I’ve organised:

·      Trade shows
·      Product launches
·      Roundtable/thought leadership discussions
·      Large meetings
·      Exhibitions
·      Product demonstration events
·      Corporate parties

As your event manager, I will work with your commercial and growth teams to identify which events are likely to yield the most high-quality leads and add value to your brand. I will oversee all aspects of design and planning. I will manage everything on site—ensuring we make the most of the opportunity. I will also track all expenditure and lead capture data, allowing us to accurately report the return on investment—enabling you to make smarter event marketing choices in the future.

I’m passionate about events, why not harness that enthusiasm and together we can achieve something memorable.
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