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Marketing strategy

How you approach marketing will define the growth of your business.

Do it badly or not at all, and you’ll waste a lot of money, opportunities, or both. But if you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset and are passionate about making your brand the most trusted and well-known within your industry—we should work together.

In my opinion, all marketing activities need to add value to the brand. It makes sense to say it right? But if you analysed every section of your marketing plan, you’d be surprised how much time and energy you’re spending on activities which achieve very little. If you’re doing something because you think you should or because your competitors are doing it (even worse), but can’t think of how it enhances the value of your brand or generates inbound leads—please stop.

There are as many different marketing plans as there are brands. With each as unique as the business they serve. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why your marketing plan should highlight the best of what you do and clearly communicate how you solve your customers’ needs.

The key to any communications strategy is telling your customers what they want to hear, rather than what you want them to hear. All your marketing should answer the queries your customers (and potential customers) are asking and satisfy their needs. If you’re launching a new product or service, the primary message should be how it will make your customers’ lives better. Does it save them time or money? Does it give them insights which will help them make better decisions?

I’ll work with your sales and account management teams to identify what’s likely to work and what isn’t, then tailor a detailed marketing and communication strategy to yield accelerated, sustainable growth.

Marketing is everything you do that people see. It goes way beyond a few social media posts or a new company brochure. It’s your vans driving down the motorway, your staff chatting to clients in a bar after work, the first thing that springs to mind when somebody mentions the name of your company. A good marketing strategy will touch all areas of the customer journey and enhance the brand accordingly.
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