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A well-managed and integrated advertising and PR strategy will deliver exceptional results. How do I know? Because I’ve done it many times over with various brands.

Before going into greater detail, let’s take a moment to examine the differences between advertising and PR

Advertising is a paid method of getting your brand into the media. Usually at quite a high cost and very salesy. So salesy in fact that most people will skip past your ad. So, let’s say it’s got a low engagement rate.

Public relations (PR) is a different way of getting into the press. Rather than paying for exposure, we’re convincing an editorial team to write about us for free (except picking up the odd lunch or bar bill of course). Typically, editorial coverage has much higher engagement than an advert. Why? Because you’re more likely to believe a trusted journalist or publication telling you how great something is than the company who makes it, right?

The key to every healthy relationship between a trade publication and brand within the industry they cover is a balance between advertising and PR. Of course, we want to get as much PR coverage as possible, but advertising serves a vital purpose too—and, let us not forget, it’s advertising revenue which keeps publications in business.

Getting to that point isn’t difficult or particularly expensive, but involves a commitment to the PR process. It requires building great relationships with the commercial and editorial teams at your chosen publications—and of course, a continuous stream of relevant and engaging content.

I can help in all these areas. As an established content writer, I can create engaging content that editors will want to publish. News and opinion which has a purpose and will pique the readers’ interests. Additionally, I will help you to establish relationships with the publications.

In my area of specialisation—live events, I have excellent relationships with all the trade press editors and have done for many years. We’re not just industry connections, but friends. We call each other up and go to lunch from time to time. And they often call me to see if I have anything interesting to contribute. If I ever need exposure for something, they’re there for me too. It’s a real give and take relationship, just as it should be.
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